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SIKES, Det. Matthew
(Alien Nation: The Series)
Apartment #203
Los Angeles, CA
Matt's partner is George Francisco, an alien from the planet Tencton. Their police car radio code is 1-WILLIAM-52.

13A Turpin Road
Walford E20, London (East End)
Louise lives in a flat above the bookies with daughter, Tiffany and her little girl, Courtney. Louise was formerly married to Terry Raymond.

SIMS, Gordon
(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Gordon is a disk jockey. He is tall, single, African-American and the hippest nighttime DJ in Cincinnati. Gordon performs as "Venus Flytrap" and sets the mood for his evening listeners by filling his broadcast booth with candles, incense, gongs, an occasional beautiful woman and, of course, the funky sounds of soul music.

(Simon and Simon)
c/o Rick and A. J. Simon
3461 La Costa Road
San Diego, CA

(Simon and Simon)
c/o Houseboat at 2167 Pacific Circle
San Diego, CA 91209
Rick is a private investigator.

SIMONE, Det. Bobby
(NYPD Blue)
Apartment #4A
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Bobby is a police detective. He works at the 15th precinct with his partner Andy Sipowicz. Bobby’s mixed heritage was revealed when he invited his Polish partner Andy Sipowicz to "kiss my French-Portuguese ass." Bobby shared his apartment with his girlfriend and fellow officer Diane. Bobby later died from complications of a diseased heart and a failed transplant. As a hobby, Bobby bred pigeons.

SIMPSON, Homer Jay & wife, Marge
(The Simpsons)
( Klondike 5-6754
742 Evergreen Terrace
Springfield, USA
Homer [SS# 568-47-0008] is a nuclear power plant safety inspector in Sector 7-G. Born in North Carolina on May 10, 1955, he loves donuts, beer and his blue-haired wife Marge, a devoted homemaker. They met in 1974 and have three children: Bartholomew J. "Bart," Lisa, and baby Maggie, as well as a dog [Santa's Little Helper] and a cat [Snowball]. Homer’s father [who gave Homer the money for his house with the stipulation he wouldn’t be put in a retirement home] lives in the Springfield Retirement Home. Homer’s mother is a hippy on the run from the FBI for her activities in the 1960s. Note: The Simpson’s phone number has also appeared as: 555-6528; 555-6832; 555-8707; 555-3223; 555-3126.[Home phone] and 555-3226; 555-7334; 555-6754 [Work Phone]

SIMS, Gordon
(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Gordon is a disk jockey. He is tall, single, African-American and the hippest nighttime DJ in Cincinnati. Gordon performs as "Venus Flytrap" and sets the mood for his evening listeners by filling his broadcast booth with candles, incense, gongs, an occasional beautiful woman and of course, the funky sounds of soul music.

(Good Grief)
c/o The Pepper Family
Dacron, OH
Debby and her brother, Warren run the mortuary. Their assistant is Ernie Lapidus, Debby's husband. Raoul is Ernie's flunky.

(The Rough Riders)
American Frontier (late 1860s)
Buck is an ex-Union officer. At the end of the Civil War he formed an unlikely alliance with ex-Union officer Captain Jim Flagg and ex-Confederate officer Lt. Kirby. Together they wandered westward in search of a new life.

SINCLAIR, Earl & wife, Fran
( 555 - 3000
City of Pangaea (60,000,003 B.C.)
Earl is a 43-year-old Megalasaurus. He works as a tree pusher for the penny-pinching Mr. B. P. Richfield [a three-horned Triceratops] at the Wesayso Development Corporation.") Fran [née Hinkleman] Sinclair is a 38-year-old allosaurus and homemaker. The Sinclair family included Robbie, a rebellious fourteen year old; Charlene, a shop-crazy 12-year-old; Baby Sinclair, a bratty infant [he called Earl "Not the Mama"]; and the nagging, 72-year-old Grandma Ethyl Phillips. Earl’s best friend is Roy Hess [a T- Rex] who lives a carefree bachelor‘s life at a marina condo.

SINCLAIR, Jeffrey David
(Babylon 5)
c/o Space Station Babylon 5
Orbiting Planet
Sinclair is the 39-year-old commander of space station Babylon 5. He was born on Mars Colony on May 3rd, 2218 at 9:15 a.m. [Earth Standard Time]. Sinclair fought in the Battle of the Line in 2248 and became commander of the Babylon 5 on 2256. He discovered he was destined to become part of a greater history and so he traveled back in time to become Valen, a founding prophet of the Minbari civilization who helped defeat The Shadows.

(Cowboy in Africa)
Kenya, Africa
Jim is a world-champion American rodeo rider hired by English landowner Wing Commander Howard Hayes to run a modern wildlife game ranch located in Kenya. Jim's friends include John Henry, his loyal Navajo Indian assistant; and Samson a young Kenya boy.

SIPOWICZ, Det. Andrew "Andy"
(NYPD Blue)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Andy is a recovering alcoholic. He works at the 15th precinct. Over the years Andy had three partners: John Kelly [he left the precinct]; Bobby Simone [died of heart failure] and recent partner Danny Sorenson. Andy’s family included his ex-wife Katie Sipowicz; grown son Andy Sipowicz, Jr. [killed by robber]; Andy’s second wife asst. D.A. Sylvia Costas [killed in a courthouse] and their small son, Theo.

SISKO, Benjamin
(Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
c/o Space Station DS9
Orbiting the Planet Bajor
Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is the black commander of Deep Space Nine, a rundown space station orbiting the planet Bajor. Sisko was chosen by the mysterious life-forms known as the Prophets to be their "Emissary" who was promised by the prophets to save the Bajoran people. Benjamin family included Jake Sisko, Benjamin's young son and aspiring writer [born 2355]; Jennifer Sisko, Benjamin's wife who was killed during the battle for Wolf 359 in 2367; Joseph Sisko, Benjamin's father who owns a Cajun restaurant in San Francisco on Earth; and Captain Cassidy Yates [whom Benjamin later married]. Benjamin loves the game of baseball and he often used a holograph program to play the game on his off time. His close friend is Jadzia Dax, a Trill that he calls "Old Man."

SIXKILLER, Robert "Bobby"
Bay City, Southern California
Robert "Bobby" Sixkiller is a smooth talking pony-tailed bounty hunter of Indian descent. He teamed with ex-cop Reno Raines [he was falsely accused of killing his girlfriend] to track down criminals on the run from the law. Bobby’s half-sister is Cheyenne Phillips, a beautiful, blond who was a whiz with a laptop computer. Bobby and Cheyenne travel around the country in a large luxury mobile home.

Pittsburgh, PA
Pete "Skag" Skagska is a 56-year-old Serbian-Orthodox Catholic steelworks foreman who lived in the City of Pittsburgh with his family which included: Jo, his Jewish-American second wife; his sons, David and John; his teenage daughters, Patricia and Barbara; and Skag's father, Petar, a stroke victim who had lost his ability to speak.

SKIPPY (the Kangaroo)  See - HAMMOND, Matt

SLADE, Shotgun
(Shotgun Slade)
American Frontier (1860s)
Shotgun is a private detective. He works for Wells Fargo, among other agencies. His weapon of choice is a customized shotgun.

(The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.)
East 46th Street [between 2nd and 3rd Avenues]
New York City, NY
Mark is an agent for U.N.C.L.E. who transferred in from the London office. His new partner is resourceful and attractive, April Dancer whom he regularly rescues from perilous situations (in the nick of time, don't you know). They report to Mr. Alexander Waverly.

(Texas John Slaughter)
Friotown, TX (late 1800s)
John Slaughter is a Texas Ranger. He attempted to bring law and order to the Old West first on the frontier and then as sheriff of Friotown. His close friend included Viola Slaughter, Willie Slaughter, Addie and Ranger Ben Jenkins. Note: The Texas John Slaughter character appeared as a series-within-a-series on Walt Disney Presents.

SLAUGHTER, Murray & wife, Marie
(The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
( 555-3727
Minneapolis, MN
Murray is a news writer for WJM-TV Channel-12. He writes the news copy for cue cards [or as he calls them "idiot cards"] for Tex Baxter, a pompous, incompetent "Six O’Clock News" news anchor. Murray’s family includes his three daughters Bonnie, Ellen and Laurie, and his father Doug Slaughter. Murray had a crush on producer Mary Richard [as did most of the men in the office].

(Sweating Bullets)
( 555-7405 ["ask for Sylvia"]
Room 45
c/o Caribbean Island of Key Mariah
Nick is an ex-DEA agent turned private investigator. His partner is Sylvia Girard.


(Fly By Night)
( 1-604-555-4567
( 346-SLIC [Telex]
Ellis Airport, Canada
Slick Air’s owner is Sally Monroe. Her corporate advertising reads: "Slick Air. Non-stop daily service from Vancouver, Canada, and connecting you to the world. Private luxury charters. Highly trained security specialists. Discover world vacations. First in personal service Call toll free from anywhere."

SLOAN, Dr. Mark
(Diagnosis Murder)
c/o Community General Hospital
Los Angeles, CA
Mark is the chief of internal medicine. He is a widower, owns a two-unit beach house in Malibu and has a penchant for solving crimes. Mark’s wife Katherine passed away ten years earlier from cancer. As a special consultant with the L. A. P. D., Mark gets involved with a number of criminal investigations handled by his bachelor son, Detective Steve Sloan. Steve lives in the unit below his dad and likes to jog and work out at the local gym. One of Mark’s old friends is attorney Ben Matlock who lives in Atlanta. See also - TV Character Bios

SLOANE III, Thomas Remington
(A Man Called Sloane)
c/o UNIT
Thomas is a suave spy. He works for top-secret American counterintelligence organization known as UNIT [located behind a toy boutique]. His partner is a towering six-foot, five-inch black man called Torgue who sported a stainless steel hand equipped with a variety of gadgets. They both reported to The Director, the head of UNIT. Their mission: to battle enemy agents from KARTEL, an international criminal organization. A UNIT employee named Kelly supplied Sloane and Torgue with equipment and devices to support them in the field.

(Grace & Favour)
c/o Millstone Manor
Village of Great Tender
Rural England
Mrs. Slocombe is a former employee of Grace Brothers Department Store in London. She retired to the country with a group of her former employees when they inherited the Manor in lieu of a pension upon the death of "young" Mr. Grace. Mrs. Slocombe’s full name is Mrs. Mary Elizabeth 'Betty' Jennifer Rachel Yiddell Abergavenny Slocombe. She affectionately calls her pet cat "Pussy."

SMALL, David & wife, Miriam
(Lanigan's Rabbi)
( 555-1211
171 Circle Drive
Cameron, CA
David is a rabbi at Temple Beth Hallel. He helps police chief Lanigan solve crimes.

SMART, Maxwell
(Get Smart)
Apartment #86
Washington, D.C.
Maxwell Smart a.k.a. Agent 86 is a bumbling secret agent who worked for CONTROL, a super secret spy agency (which everyone knew about) and operated under the guise of a greeting card salesman for the Potomac Greeting Card Company. Max’s catchphrases are "Sorry about that Chief," "Would you believe?," "The old (so & so) Trick," and "Missed it by that much." His fellow agents included Agent 99, Max's attractive female partner and later wife; and Agent 13 famous for hiding in strange objects like mail boxes, trash cans, grandfather clocks and vending machines. See also -TV Character Bios

SMITH, Alicia
(Flying Blind)
386 Bleaker Street
New York, NY (Greenwich Village)
Alicia is a freelance artist and fashion model [a.k.a. "Kero" and "Chloe"]. She is sexy, uninhibited and lives with two roommates: Megan, a neurotic artist’s model and Jordan, a hippy. Alicia attended the Zurich Academy for Girls in Switzerland, and once starred in the Mexican flick Bride of the Marsh Monster. She currently dates Neil Barash, a dull, uptight marketing assistant at Hochman Foods. They have nothing in common except for their hot sex life. Alicia’s father is a mysterious secret agent.

SMITH, Babs & Frances "Fran"
(Two Girls Named Smith)
( Plaza 3 -0707
514 East 51st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Babs is a model/actress. Her cousin, Fran is an artist/fashion designer. They moved from Omaha, NE.

SMITH, Burgundy
(The Westerner)
Old West (late 1890s)
Burgundy is the occasional sidekick of drifter Dave Blasingame who roamed the Mexican border and helped people in distress.

SMITH, Chad & wife, Betty
(The Smith Family)
219 Primrose Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Chad is a police detective. The Smiths live with their children Cindy, Bob and Brian.

SMITH, Cooper
(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Cooper is a frontier scout. He prepares the way ahead for pioneer families traveling west by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. He reported to wagonmaster Christopher Hale.

SMITH, Edward & wife, Honey
(Big Eddie)
450 East 56th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Eddie is an ex-gambler turned entrepreneur. He lives with his adopted granddaughter, Ginger.

SMITH, John "Johnny"
(The Dead Zone)
Cleaves Mills, Maine
Penobscott County
John is a high school teacher. He is single, likes hockey and enthusiastically teaches his students in the sciences. Engaged to teacher Sarah Bracknell, Johnny unexpectedly had a car accident and went into a coma for six years. When he awoke, he had heightened ESP and could see scenes from the past and the future when he touched a person or an object they had held. John now wears gloves to keep himself from isolated from all the people around him. A mere touch can activate his telepathic condition. John financial needs provided from the money from the estate of his mother who died while Johnny was in a coma. He receives guidance from Reverend Purdy a friend of the family.

(Twice in a Lifetime)
c/o The Pearly Gates
Heaven (where God lives)
Mr. Smith is a celestial guardian who greets recently departed souls at the Pearly Gates of Heaven. He offers some lucky souls a "second chance" to go back in time to a pivotal point in their lives so they can change the outcome of their existence. As they relive their lives Mr. Smith councils them on issues of prejudice and other character flaws that shaped the actions in the soul's life. At the end of their journey, Mr. Smith reveals how their life had changed as a result of making different choices. Shades of Mr. Roarke of Fantasy Island [or better yet Scrooge in Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol].

SMITH, Olive
(The Ann Sothern Show)
Apartment 3-B
East 10th Street
Greenwich Village, NY
Olive shares her apartment with friend Katy O'Connor. They both work for The Bartley House Hotel in Manhattan. Olive is a secretary. Katy is the assistant manager.

(Whispering Smith)
Denver. CO (1870s)
Tom "Whispering" Smith is a police detective. He practiced modern investigation techniques with the 1870s Denver Police Department. His fellow officers were Detective George Romack and Chief John Richards. Note: the character is based on the exploits of a real-life western criminologist.

(The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
c/o Philip and Vivian Banks
Bel Air, CA
Will is a black teenager. He is single, streetwise, and not sure of his path in life. Born in West Philadelphia, he moved to California after his mother, Viola packed him off to her rich relatives [the Banks] after Will started to hang out with undesirables.

SMITHERS, Senator Strobe
(Hearts Afire)
c/o US Senate
Washington, DC
Strobe is a senile Southern senator. His support staff on the hill included his conservative legislative aide John Hartman; his liberal, chain-smoking press secretary, Georgie Ann Lahti; Billy Bob Davis, John’s assistant; Mavis Davis, the office secretary and Billy Bob’s wife; Adam, an incompetent office assistant; and Dee Dee Starr, the senator’s sexy receptionist ["the last bimbo in Congress] with whom the married Senator was having an affair. Strobe’s wife of 30 years, Mary Fran encouraged her aging husband to retire so she could take over his Senatorial duties. In her earlier beauty pageant days, she was Miss Tennessee and Miss USA.

(The Simpsons)
Apartment #19
Springfield, USA
Wayland is an executive assistant at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is unmarried, gay, in his 40’s and in love with his decrepit boss, millionaire industrialist C. Montgomery Burns [who doesn’t share his affections]. In one of Smither’s dreams he envisioned a naked Mr. Burns popping out of a cake singing [a la Marilyn Monroe] "Happy Birthday to you."

SMOTHERS, Richard "Dick"
(The Smothers Brothers Show)
452 Vista Del Mar
Los Angeles, CA
Dick is an executive with Pandora Publications. His deceased brother Tom [now an angel] lives with him.

(The Smurfs)
Somewhere in an Enchanted Forest
The Smurfs are tiny blue creatures ["only three apples high"]. They live peacefully in a forest in a tiny medieval-like village far from the prying eyes of civilization. Their only enemies are Gargamel, an evil wizard who tried in vain to capture them with spells from the "Great Book of Spells" ("So many uncast spells! So many uncaught Smurfs!"); Scruple, his scheming assistant; and Azriel, a wicked black cat.

( 555-7755
Apartment 11-B
4 Sutton Place
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Diana is a fashion illustrator for Buckley's Department Store. She lives in her brother Roger's apartment and cares for Gulliver, his Great Dane dog

SNOW, Christmas "Chrissy"
(Three's Company)
( 555-6350
Apartment 201
Roper Apartment House
Santa Monica, CA [& Los Angeles]
Chrissy is a typist. Born on Christmas, she shares a $300 a month apartment with single roommates Janet Wood and Jack Tripper. Cindy Snow, Chrissy's clumsy cousin later moved into the apartment when Chrissy left.



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