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Andersen Soup TwinsAndersen Soup Twins -  Premiering in 1957, the Andersen Soup Company released a B/W animated film featuring non-identical soup twins called Happy & Pee-Wee (the large one) who greeted the audience with a friendly "Hiya, soup fans everywhere." The twin's voices were provided by those zany radio comedians Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding, who also did the voices for the classic Piels Brothers commercials.

The artwork for the TV spots was designed by Paul Kim. The campaign was handled by the Fletcher Richards, Calkins and Holden Agency. See also - "The Campbell Soup Kids"

Transcript of an Andersen Soup Commercial

Scene from Anderson Soup Commercial

Robert P.: Robert P. Soup Andersen, and here with me are the non-identical soup twins, Happy and Pee Wee.
H & P: Hiya, soup fans everywhere.
Robert P.: The gentlemen here are going to demonstrate how we split peas for our soup rather than crush them and lose their flavor. Notice the intricate machinery. [observing the process - an alarm goes off]. I thought so...that one was a dud.
H & P:  That's automatic dud.
Robert P.: Now unlike some soup manufacturers we're not much interested in how many cans we can crank out every minute but more in how good our soup is. In fact, when my friends say to me Robert P. Soup Andersen, how come no one else can make canned soups with real delicious homemade flavor, I tell them it's because of a secret ingredient in every can. That ingredient is time. It's in my delicious Split Pea, Beef-Burger, Cream of Chicken or Old-Fashioned Bean Soup.
H & P: Try some today. Today. A week from Tuesday.

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