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Cooper on a PlaneCooper - Obnoxious coworker of a young female executive seen in 2001 on TV ads for the travel service As the commercial starts, a young brunette executive accesses the Internet to reserve a flight for an upcoming business trip. Another female worker (Rachael Harris) passes by her desk and asks with whom she will be traveling. "Cooper," the brunette replies. The curious coworker rolls her eyes in a taunting gesture and yelps "Cooper?....HA!"

Suddenly, the brunette imagines what the flight will be like with Cooper (Terry Rhoads), the office cad. We see scenes of him asking intrusive questions ("How much money do you make?"), sitting close, squirting breath spray into his mouth and generally acting obnoxious flash across her mind.

Enlightened, the woman goes back to her site and chooses a shorter flight so she can cut down on the time she has to spend with Cooper (who wears snake skin shoes, open-collar shirts, gold jewelry and a really phony smile).

The message of the commercial touts Expedia's ability to offer easy access to their services and a variety of flight times and options - at the click of a computer mouse.

Cooper and Coworker
Coworker and Cooper

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