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Justin Case - An honest and trustworthy insurance spokesperson (Solution Specialist) who appeared in a number of TV, Internet and Print ads for SafeAuto Insurance Company which provides state minimum auto insurance in Ohio and 13 other states.

Tim McCarthy as Junstin Case - SafeAuto Insurance

In the TV ads, Justin Case has a cubicle on the fourth floor of SafeAuto's headquarters in Columbus, Ohio where his desk is littered with a gumball machine, coffee mug, photo of Justin with a few friends - and a note reminding him of a 4:30 meeting.

Justin also has a telephone (1-800-SAFEAUTO, Ext. 84555) voice mail, an e-mail address ( @ and even a Facebook page.

Justin is on the job 24/7, solving problems and "keeping you legal for less."

"I like to joke around at the office, but there's one thing I take very seriously -- Auto Insurance. I'm Justin Case.

Right now James Davis is being pulled over. It could have been a huge hassle, but earlier today, James called me. I set him up with SafeAuto state required minimum coverage and low payments in under ten minutes. Now James is on his way to work cause we kept him legal for less." (excerpt for TV Ad)

In reality, Justin Case is a fictional character played by 27-year-old Chicago actor, Tim McCarthy. Justin Case's name was derived from such phraces as 'just in case of an accident' or 'just in case this happens." See also Flo and the Geico Gecko

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