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Keso the ClownKedso the Clown - For years, the US Rubber Company used Kedso the Clown in all their pulp advertisements. In 1958, they transformed this happy clown into an animated success as the star of the Keds Sneaker TV commercials. The Kedso the Clown spot began "Hi, kids!...Let's all sing the Kedso Song...If you want shoes with lots of pep, Get Keds, Kid's Keds. For bounce and zoom in every step, Get Keds , Kid's Keds." When Kedso asked "Why do you kids wear Keds?" They answered "So I can run faster and jump higher; so I can win more often."

The Kedso the clown character sported a black top hat, a baggy polka dot suit with a frilly wrap around collar, carried a tinyl umbrella and, of course, wore Keds Sneakers.

The commercial's musical score "The Shoe of Champions" was composed by Ben Ludlow. The black & white animated/live action campaign was created by Fletcher, Richards, Calkins and Holden Advertising Agency. See also "Kolonel Keds"

Kedso the Clown TV Ad Script from the 1950s

Kedso: Hi Kids!
Kids Hi Kedso!
Kedso: Kids, let's all sing the Keds song.
All: If you want shoes with lots of pep
Get Keds, Kids, Keds
For bounce and zoom in every step
Get Keds, Kids, Keds
You'll be champ-i-on with style
You'll hit that ball a half a mile
They're tough they last a long, long while
Ked, Kids, Keds
Kedso: There's a pair of smart youngsters. Hi Kids!
Kids: Hi Kedso!
Kedso: Say, why do you kids wear Keds?
Kid (1): So I can run faster and jump farther!
Kid (2): So I can win more often!


Right, always look for the
label big and blue
Keds, Kids, Keds
That spells out the US Keds for you
Keds, Kids, Keds

Those shock proof arches
sure are neat
The right support for growing feet
So be a champion ath-lete
Keds, Kids, Keds

Product of United States Rubber   

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