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Dean Winters as MAYHEM - Allstate InsuranceMayhem - A rugged but accident-causing mascot for a series of Allstate Insurance commericals that attempts to invoke fear in consumers. Wearing a suit and tie, Mayhem (Dean Winters) is the personification of dangerous things that can happen to people and their belongings. As evidence of his many accidents, Mayhem sports bruises and Band-aids on his face. The "Meet Mayhem" campaign was created by the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in Detroit and launched in July 2010. Its tagline reads: "Mayhem is coming. Are you in Good Hands?"

In one ad spot, Mayhem is purposely bouncing up and down on a large tree branch that precariously hangs over a car. You see, Mayhem is a random windstorm and with a little more nudgling, (saying "Shaky, Shaky, SHAKY") the branch falls and causes the expected destruction.

In another spot, Mayhem played the role of a typical teenage girl driving in her car who gets a text message from her BFF Becky and is "all OMG" after she learns her friend kissed the guy she likes ("Becky's not even hot!). She then careens into a parked car.

"I'm the puppy that ate your back seat [of your car]; I'm a random windstorm [drops branch on car], I'm a hot babe out jogging [who distracts a driver who hits a street light pole]. Call me Mayhem. I'm every reason to have the right insurance. A lot of you are cutting your coverage and leaving yourself unprotected. So get Allstate and save money and be better protected from Mayhem like me. Mayhem is everywhere."

"I'm the bad part of town you get stuck in when your engine won't start. and you don't have Good Hands Roadside Assistnace, so now your'e stranded outside a biker bar surrounded by the type of peole you dated in high school to make your parents angry. Uh-Oh! We've been spotted. Not the guys with face tattoos are fighting over you. Looks like Big Pete won. Big Pete ALWAYS wins. Get Good Hands Roadside Assistance from Allstate and be better protected anywhere from Mayhem, like me."

Other ads featured Mayhem as a frightened deer caught in a car's headlights who gets hit by an oncoming auto; a man mowing his lawn whose twirling lawnmover blades throw stones and other debris into a neighbor's windows; a faulty (never updated) GPS systerm that causes the driver to turn the wrong way into a car; a Christmas tree on top of a car that comes lose and falls into the street and forces an oncoming car to crash into a snow bank; a large flag hanging off a pick up truck that flies loose and lands on the windshield of a car behind causing the driver's vision to be obscured and wreck the car; or a a rich executive who hears that Market is down a million points, freaks out, spills a large expresso in his lap and rear ends the car in front of him.

Car Driven by Mayhem - Allstate Insurance Commercial

TRIVIA NOTE: Dean Winters (aka "Mayhem") other acting gigs included the part of bad guy Ryan O'Reily on the hit HBO series OZ (1997-2003) and Detective Johnny Gavin, the brother of Tommy Gavin (Dennis O'Keary) on the FX firefighter drama RESCUE ME.(2004-2009). Johnny was eventually shot in the back three times while on a stakeout.

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