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Smiling Bob - Enzyte Male Enchancement Supplement MascotSmiling Bob - Spokeperson for Enzyte, a natural male enchancement supplement. In a series of commecrials, Bob struts about with a frozen grin on his face that allegedly represents his total satifaction from using Enzyte. Whether he's golfing, racing a car, hanging out at the pool, watching tv, visting his barber, or bowling a few games, he can't shake that grin of confidence that tells all the gals that he's a potent male and ready for action. Bob, who lives at 808 (or 816) Fullerton Road, is apparently the envy of other men and the dream guy of women.

[Whistling] "This is Bob. Bob is doing Well. Very well, indeed. That's becasue not long ago with just a quick
phone call Bob realized he could have something bigger in his life. And what did he get?. Why a big boost of confidence, a little moe self esteem and a very happy missus at home. To learn more about Enzyte contact your doctor. Or call 1 8774ENZYTE for a free brochure. Or visit Enzyte, the effective and realiable way to natural male enchancement." " (TV Ad Transcript)

"This is Bob, Looks like Bob is here to spread a little joy. But there seems to be a lot of rumors going around about this chubby Santa. Because not a long time ago Santa decided he needed a little more room in his sled. So he made a call to Enzyte about natural malke enhancement. And after a few short weeks, what did he get? Why not only a sleigh full of confidence and a sack full of pride, but it looks like Bob got the thing that every lady likes. The joy of the gift that keeps Yes, with things heating up at the old north pole, it looks like there's no mistaking this Santa for an elf, anymore. Free sanples of Enzyte are availabe while supplies last. Just visit or call Enzyte, the once daily tablet for natural enchancement." (Christmas Office Party TV Ad)

Merchandise promoting Smiling Bob included a novelty Kingpin T-shirt (for the BIG man in charge) with two large black bowling balls flanking an upright pin. Another T-Shirt flaunted a vanity license plate with the letters RCK HRD that suggests "your special lady will be calling you '"The Hammer' in no time."

TRIVIA NOTE: According to Enzyte, their product is the original once-daily tablet for natural male enhancement that has endowed millions of men with firmer, stronger, fuller-feeling erections. Taken just once a day, Enzyte is not situation specific; it helps increase blood flow all day and all night. With Enzyte, you’re ready for action 24/7!

In 2008, Steven Warshak, the founder of Enzyte was sentenced to 25 years in prison and his company (Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Inc.) was ordered to pay a $500 million fine for selling Enzyte, that proved to be a consumer scam. The federal judge for the case concluded that Warshak had "preyed on the sexual inadecuacies and vulnerabilities of consumers so as to keep massive amounts of money generated by fraud."

Smiling Bob Bumper Sticker - ENZYTE

Random remarks from websites responding to the question "Why is this man smiling?" offered such answers as "Because he is getting paid BIG bucks to push that snake oil crap" and "I think his underwear might be too tight."

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