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Aerocar - courtesy of EAA AirVentureAerocar - Combination single-engine aircraft and automobile on the comedy adventure THE NEW BOB CUMMINGS SHOW/CBS/1961-62. The Aero Car was owned by Bob Carson (Bob Cummings), a bachelor pilot who earned a living flying charter flights and hiring himself out as a detective. He accepted his assignments as long as they weren't "Illegal, immoral or underpaid." When not used to fly the friendly skies of Southern California, the Aero Car (sans detachable wings) converted into a fully functioning road car in about ten minutes. Its inventor never got the venture capital to mass produce the vehicle, so he sold his prototype model to Bob Carson, the plane's original test pilot. For longer flights, Bob used a twin-engine aircraft.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Aerocar used on the TV series was designed by Molt Taylor, the dean of "roadable" airplanes who has devoted most of his adult years to making the Aerocar a reality. The Aerocar IV, is based on a Geo Metro. You can see Taylor's Aerocar at the EEA Museum in Oshkosh, WI. Also, in 1946 airplane designer Robert Fulton from Newtown, Connecticut created a combination plane and car called "The Airphibian." (No. N74154). Upon landing, the propeller was detached from the front of the plane and stored on the plane's wing section. The wheeled cockpit portion of the plane disengaged from the main body to become an automobile.

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