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Martin Kove as JesseJesse the Intergalactic Warrior - Visitor from another planet on the sci-fi series HARD TIME ON PLANET EARTH/CBS/1989. Jesse (Martin Kove) was an exiled extraterrestrial warrior criminal transformed into human form and sentenced to live on Earth by an intergalactic court. Only when he could control his violent tendencies and learn the qualities of compassion and kindness would this outworlder be returned to his home planet. Jesse's activities were monitored by an unusual parole officer known only as Control (Danny Mann) that looked like a flying conch shell with a large eyeball.

Walking the streets of Los Angeles and beyond, Jesse attempted to understand his new environment; and along the way help those in distress with his finely honed fighting skills. Jesse derived his name from the letters sewn on a uniform he procured for clothing when he first arrived on Earth.

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