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Mork from Ork - Smiley-faced alien (Robin Williams) featured on the on the  sci-fi comedy MORK & MINDY/ABC/1978-82.

Robin Williams as Mork from Ork - MORK & MINDY

Traveling from his native planet Ork, Mork a  landed his spacecraft, "The Flying Egg" near the town of Boulder, Colorado  His assignment: to act as advance scout for the Orkan race who might migrate to Earth in the future. He reported back to his superiors via mental telepathy. His weekly communiqués were called "The Scorpio Reports." His contact was Orson, a rotund (heard but never seen) space executive, whom Mork routinely insulted with wisecracks like "Yes, Oh Laser Breath" and "Your Immenseness."

Mork's home planet Ork was about 200 million miles from Earth and had three moons. Its inhabitants evolved from chickens. While on Earth, Mork resided incognito with the female earthling, Mindy McConnell (Pam Dawber), whom he later married.

Mork received his nourishment from eating plastic, flowers and coffee grinds. He drank water through his bloinks (fingers), got drunk on ginger ale, told time with a wrist watch strapped to his ankle, sat on his face, spit to say thank you and slept upside down. Additionally, Orkans had no hearts, no lungs and no sense of humor. Mork, however, had a sense of humor and was the reason the Orkans were glad to get rid of him. Some choice Orkan phrases were "Na-Nu, Na-Nu!" (Hello!) and "Shazbot!" (Damn!).

When Mork first landed he wore a red spacesuit with a silver inverted triangle emblazoned on its chests, silver gloves, boots and helmet. Mork cast aside his Orkan uniform for Earth clothing consisting of baggy paratrooper pants, T-shirts and rainbow-stripped suspenders. When Mork needed to travel through time he donned a red pair of sequined shoes (size eight).

Mork & Mindy
Mork and Mindy

Born some nine bleams ago, Mork was the product of test tube fertilization, having blue eyes and synthetic hair. He came with a warranty which included guarantees against ankle blowouts and coughing up frogs. Despite these warranties, he was the only Orkan recalled because his rear end fell off. His life span was 2000 years at which time he needed to be recharged. Mork's space pet "Beebo" (on Mork it's called a Nauger Chump) looked like a fluff-dried floor mop.

Some additional Orkan facts: Mork's favorite food was "Flek," a delicacy that when planted grew instantly. Mork celebrated "National Backwards Week," a holiday which he "looked forward to." Later in the series, it was revealed that the Orkans enemies were the Necotons. The beautiful actress Raquel Welch played Captain Nevana of the Necoton Black Army who was sent to Earth to capture Mork. On the episode "Mork's Mixed emotions" broadcast May 6, 1980 a kiss from Mindy uncorked Mork's pent up feelings and one by one his emotions (love fear, joy, guilt, envy, hope, disgust, and gratefulness) take center stage in form of different voices. Enough of this...Na-nu, Na-nu.

Mork & Mindy Cartoon Series
Mork & Mindy 1982 Saturday morning cartoon show

TRIVIA NOTE: The spinoff Saturday morning cartoon THE MORK & MINDY/LAVERNE & SHIRLEY HOUR/ABC/1982-83 has Mork attend Mt. Mount High School to observe earthling adolescent behavior. Also featured were Orson, Mork's supervisor; Mr. Caruthers, the principal; Mork's friends, Mindy, Hamilton and Eugene, a young black guy; Fred McConnell, Mindy's father, and Doing, Mork's six-legged dog.

The Mork from Ork character debuted on a February episode of ABC's HAPPY DAYS in 1978. The MORK & MINDY series concept was inspired by director Jerry Paris, a former star of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (he played Jerry Halper the dentist) who recalled episode No. 51 "It May Look Like a Walnut." from the show written by Carl Reiner (aired 2/6/63) about an alien from the planet Twilo who conquers Earth. See also - "Mearth" and "Twilo-ites

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