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G'KarNarn - Humanoid species with reptilian appearance featured on the science fiction series BABYLON 5/SYN/TNT/1992-98. The Narn have mottled skin ranging in color from dull yellow to dark green. Their eyes are red in color. The Narn carry their children in pouches like the marsupials on Earth. The Narn society is divided into different "Circles." The First/Inner Circle (the 8 Royal Families of Narn); The Second Circle (the Holy Prophets and Priests); The Third Circle (the Ambassadors who are the voice of the Kha'Ri, executive council and ruling body of Narn - composed of the executive, legislative, and judicial; The Fourth through Eight Circles (Warleaders, landholders, and other influential clans); The Pleabians (those aspiring to the upper circles); The Outer Circle (the working class and bulk of the society); and finally The Outcasts (poor, homeless, criminals and other undesirables).

One thousand years earlier, the Narn race joined forces with a confederation of planets called "The Army of Light" to fight a dark consortium of races lead by The Shadows. After using their telepaths to help subdued the Shadows menace, the Centauri race conquered the Narn who forced the Narns into slavery and raped their planet and depleted its resources. Then in 2159, the Narn revolted and won back their planet.

Notable in the fight against the Centauri oppression was citizen Ambassador G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas) whose father died at the hands of his Centauri master. When the Centauri reoccupied the Narn home world in 2259, G'Kar was granted asylum on the space station Babylon 5 under the political protection of Earth commander John Sheridan. Now, G'Kar's main mission was to reclaim the dignity of his people and make the Centauri pay dearly for their brutal abuse of the Narn race.

G'kar & Londo

G'Kar's main adversary is Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari, who also lives aboard Babylon 5. He uses a various array of sinister alliances with other races such as the Shadows to curtail the political power and expansion of the Narn race.

In 2261, G'kar was captured by the Centauri and tortured (lost an eye) by Catagia, the insane Centauri Emperor. When Londo asked G'Kar to became a pawn in the assassination plot of the Emperor, he agreed but on the condition that Londo evacuate the Narn home world (which he did). G'kar was fated to kill Londo in the year 2277 (they strangled each other). See also - "The Book of G'Quan"

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