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Nestenes - Hideous tentacled alien invaders who sought to conquer the planet Earth on the "Spearhead from Space" episode of the syndicated British sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO/BBC/1963-89.

The tenacles of the Nestene Consciousness - DOCTOR WHO
Nestene tentacles

Hailing from the planet Polymos, the Nestene entered Earth's atmosphere in 50 opaque spheres that were filled with their alien life force.

Crash landing in a country field, they were retrieved by an advanced scouting party which had taken over a plastics factory that manufactured mannequins and children's dolls. When the energy from the spheres was fed into a regeneration tank, the Nestenes would take their true form and begin conquest of the planet Earth.

Assisting them in their take over were an army of plastic-faced robot mannequins known as Autons. Incorporated into their plastic fingers were small gun-like barrels which projected a gaseous bullet that could vaporize its target. These robot warriors which had been stationed all over their landing area broke free of their store front window displays and began to exterminate all humans within their range.

A further twist in the Nestene's plot for world domination included controlling all the important people in political and military offices. This was accomplished by manufacturing "Replicas", plastic robotic humans sculpted to take the exact likeness of any person they thought to copy. These Replicas were complete even down to the memories of their original hosts.

Fortunately, the Nestene's invasion plans were thwarted through the efforts of the Timelord Doctor Who. The Nestenes had conquered thousands of planets in their long history and would be seen again trying to take over the planet Earth in future episodes of this British sci-fi series.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Nestene appeared on only two serials during the original series run "Spearhead from Outer Space" (1970) and "Terror of the Autons" (1971). They reappeared on the revitalized DOCTOR WHO series episode "Rose" (2005).

The Nestenes also appeared in: BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures: Synthespians; Business Unusual; Doctor Who Magazine: Business As Usual; and Plastic Millenium. The Autons make a cameo in the short story anthology ST: Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing. The Nestene are mentioned on TOTALLY DOCTOR WHO on the animated serial The Infinite Quest. See also - "Doctor Who

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