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Mysterons -  Never seen inhabitants of the planet Mars who waged a relentless war against the planet Earth on the British sci-fi puppet series CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS/SYN/1967.

The Mysterons

After mistaking a peaceful exploratory mission to the planet Mars as a prelude to an invasion, the Mysterons declared war.

Their main method of attack was Retro-metabolism, a process which destroyed an object and then recreated its likeness with a mind and will controlled by the Mysterons.

Protecting the Earth from attack was the international peacekeeping force of "Spectrum." An aborted attempt to kill a member of Spectrum with this process backfired, thus creating Captain Scarlet, a man fate had made...indestructible.

Captain Scarlet
The indestructible
...Captain Scarlet

"The Mysterons...sworn enemies of Earth...possessing the ability to recreate the exact likeness of an object or person...but first they must destroy. Leading the fight, one man fate has made indestructible. His name...CAPTAIN SCARLET."

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