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Gorn - Paramount PicturesGorn - An intelligent race of seven-foot tall reptilian beings on episode No. 19 "Arena" on the sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69. Beaming down to an Earth outpost on Cestus III, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and crew members find it destroyed. The Gorn's had claimed the same location as part of their solar system and therefore considered the earthlings invaders. Not knowing their justification for such an attack, Captain Kirk pursued them through space on a mission of revenge.

The chase led them into a galaxy controlled by ultra-superior beings known as the Metrons. They stopped both starships in mid-space and beamed the captains of each craft down to a neutral asteroid where they were to settle their dispute man-to-reptile. After a lengthy cat-and-mouse game of death, Captain Kirk immobilized the Gorn but showing compassion he refused to kill the green-skinned lizard.

The Metrons were so impressed by this act of mercy from such a primitive being (at least by their advanced standards) that they released both captains and their starships.

The episode was based on the story "Arena" written by Frederic Brown in 1944. 

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