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Xindi ReptilianXindi  - Race of reptilians featured on the sci-fi series STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE/UPN/2001-2005. The Xindi live on the planet Xindus in the Delphic Expanse. Ruled by the Xindi Council, the Reptilians are one of six distinct species found on the planet (arboreal, avian, aquatic, insectoid, primate and reptilian).

The Reptilian Xindi joined forces with the Insectoids of their world (against the other species) during the the protracted war which resulted in the explosive destruction of their home world and the elimination of the avian species.

In the year 2153, a collective of all Xindi species (now scattered among the stars and in search of a new home world) believed the human race in the Alpha Quadrant to be a threat to their existence (according to lies spread by a group called the Sphere Builders) and thus sent a lethal probe to earth killing over seven million people.

Eventually, the alliance of Xindi disintegrated after they learned they were pawns of the Sphere Builders web of deception. The Xindi Insectoids decided to stop the launch of a planet killing weapon destined to eliminate earth, but the Xindi Reptilians continued with their plans to destroy earth.

With the help of the Andorian race, however, the crew of the USS Enterprise under the command of Jeffrey Archer (Scott Bakula) destroyed the super weapon. In the end, a reunited Xindi Council decided to abandon their plans to destroy the Human race.

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