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Solomon Family - 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUNSolomon Family - The sci-fi comedy 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN/NBC/1996-2001 featured the Earth family Solomon, actually a collection of space aliens who took human form to observe our planet. John Lithgow played High Commander Dick Solomon, the alien's oversexed leader who posed as a physics professor at a college near Cleveland, Ohio.

His alien colleagues included Sally (Kristen Johnson), a towering butch Amazonian blond who fancied the attentions of a portly policeman named Officer Don (Wayne Knight); Harry (French Stewart), a blithely bizarre squinty-eyed geek; and Tommy Solomon, an alien military officer and the eldest of the aliens who masqueraded as the horny teenage son of team leader.

The Solomon's reported all of their findings back to their home world to an unseen alien known as "The Big Giant Head." The Solomon's gathered facts by interacting with such human as Dr. Mary Albright (Jane Curtin), Dick's college colleague and romantic interest; Nina Campbell (Simbi Khali) Dick's college assistant; Mrs. Dubcek (Elmarie Wendel), the owner of the home in which the Solomon's lived; and August Loeffler (Shay Astar), Tommy's pushy girlfriend.

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