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Taelons - Da'an and Zo'or Taelons - Androgynous, hairless outer space being (with a shimmering blue glow) who landed on Earth and promised to help mankind on the sci-fi series GENE RODDENBERRY'S EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT/SYN/1997-2002. The Taelons ("tay-lons") also known as "The Companions," (a group of 71 technologically and spiritually more advanced beings), landed on Earth in the year 2008 and commenced to end war, famine, disease, poverty and all other human problems. Despite the generosity of the Taelons to improve the lot of Earth, there were those suspicious of their motives.

Battling the Taelons was The Resistance, an underground organization of humans funded by a computer tycoon Jonathan Doors (David Hemblen). It's members included Marine pilot Lili Marquette (Lisa Howard); an underground computer hacker called Augur (Richard Chevolleau); and Commander Boone (Kevin Kilner), who infiltrated the Taelon service after he discovered they were responsible for the death of his wife.

Acting as a double agent, Boone worked for Da'an, a diplomatic representative of the Taelon Empire who reported to the Synod, an upper level committee of Taelon beings. Da'an's soft spoken demeanor and Buddist like tranquility gave the impression of a compassionate being who could be trusted. (but could the Taelon's be trusted?). Zo'or (Anita La Selva), another Taelon being was often at odds with decisions made my Da'an.

"The dark side lives within all of us, from the most primitive species, to the most highly evolved. That a beast may lurk within the shadows of your soul is not a question--it is a given." --  Da'an

Those working closely with the Taelon were required to have a CVI  (Cyber-Viral Transplant) placed into their brain. The CVI greatly enhanced mental abilities, and programmed their recipients to exclusively serve the Taelon cause.

Commander Boone and FBI agent Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) both wore CVI's but Boone's implant was secretly altered by Earth scientist Dr Belman (Majel Barrett Roddenberry) to preserve Boone's individuality.

Accompanying the CVI was the Skrill, a squidlike symbiotic creature which when attached to its host (around a person's arm) would merge with their nervous system and could generate lethal blasts of energy on command. Unfortunately, CVI implants limit recipients life span to only two years but during that time, the wearer can vividly recall past experiences tenfold including such sensations as smell and touch.

Taelons As They Really Appear
The True Appearance of Taelons

Emotional exchanges with the Taelons produced "blushes" that revealed colored lights on the Taelon beings residing behind their human facade (which they mapped over their bodies because they felt it made humans more comfortable).

The Taelon headquartered themselves in buildings which were genetically designed (they grew much like a seed grows into a specific shape and color). Their bio-luminescent spacecraft orbited the planet overseeing all their plans of conquest.

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