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UltramanUltraman - Alien from Nebula M-78 in the 40th galaxy on the Japanese live-action sci-fi series ULTRAMAN/SYN/1966. As the show's theme song intoned"...he comes from the sky, watch our hero fly; in a super jet he comes from a billion miles away; from a distant planet land comes our hero...Ultraman." Streaking through Earth's atmosphere, this mysterious alien's spacecraft accidentally collided with a jet plane belonging to the Scientific Patrol, and killed its pilot, Iota. In an act of unselfishness, the alien resurrected the dead pilot by merging his own life force with Iota's body, thus creating...Ultraman, a super-powerful giant with special karate fighting abilities. As Ioto revived, the alien communicated the following to his conscious mind.

"You and I will become one and we will fight as one for the peace of Earth for all time to come. You will remain in your present (human) form, Iota. Whenever you are in trouble, use the Beta capsule (a cylindrical silver capsule of alien origin) and you Iota, will become Ultraman."

From that point, Iota lived a double life. Publicly, as a member of the Scientific Patrol and secretly, as the powerful Ultraman, a towering giant clad in helmet and flight suit of red blue and silver, who battled Earth's enemies, which usually turned out to be large reptilian monsters in the tradition of Godzilla.

Despite the tremendous powers endowed to Iota, he could only use them for short periods of time. A flashing warning light on his costume alerted him to his draining strength.

In 1992, a new syndicated version ULTRAMAN...TOWARD THE FUTURE was produced in celebration of the show's 25th anniversary.

Iota the Pilot


Iota the Pilot (Before) Iota (After his transformation)

(Theme Song - dubbed English version)

Ultraman, Ultraman
Here he comes from the sky
 Ultraman, Ultraman
Watch our hero fly
In a super jet he comes
from a billion miles away
From a distant planet land
Comes our hero Ultraman!

The 'Ultraman' series spawned a number of spin-offs including:

  • ULTRASEVEN (1967-68);
  • ULTRAMAN ACE (1972-73);
  • ULTRAMAN TARO (1973-74);
  • ULTRAMAN LEO (1974-75);
  • THE ULTRAMAN (1979-80);
  • ULTRAMAN 80 (1980-81);
  • ULTRAMAN USA (1989);
  • ULTRAMAN TIGA (1996-97); ULTRAMAN DYNA (1997-98);
  • ULTRAMAN GAIA (1998-99);
  • ULTRAMAN NICE (1999/2000);
  • ULTRAMAN NEOS (2000-01);
  • ULTRAMAN COSMOS (2001-2002).

On the ULTRAMAN TIGA series (adapted for USA release for by 4Kids Entertainment) the DNA life force resurrected from the statue of an ancient civilization migrates into the body of Daigo Madoka (Hiroshi Nagano), a member of GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad) and endows him with mighty powers and the body of a towering (53 meters) karate kicking giant. GUTS is a branch of TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium, known as the Terrestrial Peacekeeping Commission in the dubbed American version).

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