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Vorlons - KoshVorlons - Powerful telepathic, seemingly immortal silicon-based life forms featured on the sci-fi series BABYLON/SYN/1994-98. The Vorlons are youngest members of an ancient group of races called the First Ones. They lived on the home world of Vorlon. The Vorlons shy away from direct view by wearing bio-organic encounter suits, which cover their bioluminescent bodies. When needed, Vorlons can fly by using psychokinesis and crystalline wings.

The primary Vorlon onboard space station Babylon 5 was named Kosh. He resided in specially prepared living quarters with an atmosphere adjusted for heavy methane, sulfur, and CO2 gases.

Kosh was later poisoned with Florazyne by emissaries of the Shadows. He was replaced by another Vorlon named Kosh ("We are all Kosh," it exclaimed.). The Vorlon communicate through a series of musical (tonal/atonal) chords, as well as through a person's dreams. Vorlons can break off pieces of their consciousness. They put themselves in other person's bodies and have them act as their eyes and ears.

In the year 2259, Kosh left the safety of his encounter suit to catch the falling body of Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner). As he soared through the air toward Sheridan, a number of diplomats from different species and planets looked upon Kosh. Each saw a different image. The Narn saw G'Lan; the Minbari, Valeria; and the Humans saw an Angel (all religious symbols from each of their deepest beliefs).

Since Vorlon technology is based on bio-engineering, all of their starships are living creatures. The Vorlon race later moved beyond the rim at the conclusion of the Shadow Wars.

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