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Vulcans -  Members of the United Federation of Planets on the 23rd century sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69.

T'Pau of Vulcan

The Vulcans live on a deep-red colored Class-M planet whose bright sun creates surface temperatures of 140 degrees. Humanoid in appearance, they differ in many ways from humans including their pointed ears; green tinted skin-due to their copper based blood; a heart located where a human liver would be; the ability to read minds and emotions via a mind-melding technique; and a body physically stronger than earthlings (they used a nerve pinch to incapacitate their victims). The Vulcans, once a warlike race of barbarians, caste aside emotion for the purity of logic.

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1845 Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier speculated that a planet existed between Mercury and the sun when he detected perturbations in Mercury's orbit that suggested a gravitational tug of another heavenly body which was dubbed "Vulcan." Years later Einstein's Theory of Relativity explained the irregularities away. See also - "Sarek" and "Spock

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