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Part 2 - My Fourth of July Vacation: A ride through the Midwest during that patriotic time of year. (Jerome A. Holst © 2005)

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The last leg of my trip took me south to Madison, Indiana, but first I drove past my old home in Dillsboro, Indiana located on Milton/Bear Branch Road. The house is a simple two-bedroom affair on 14 acres of land. Set on a ridge, it afforded a wonderful view of the farms and creek below and the soothing sound of cows mooing in the morning. I sold the property in 1998.

My former home near Dillsboro, Indiana

To get to Madison, Indiana, I traveled along the Ohio River on State Route 7 that meanders through the small towns of Rising Sun, Patriot and Vevay. I stopped shortly in each of the towns to take a few snap shots and to admire the view of the river.

Street sign in Rising Sun, Indiana

Gift shop at 316 Ferry Street in Vevay, Indiana

Hoosier Theater in Vevay, Indiana built in 1837

When I finally reached Madison, I discovered that I had arrived on the day of the annual Madison Regatta river boat races. The noise from the powerboats roared through the town. But, by the time I reached the river front, the competitions had ended. I did get to see all crowds that came to see the events, listened to a loudspeaker as the officials awarded praise and prizes to the competitors and had a chance to sneak a peek at the boats used in the race before they were packed up for transport.

Madison Regatta launching docks on the Ohio River

A leisurely stroll through the town of Madison revealed its many beautiful homes and mansions fashioned in a variety of Colonial and Victorian architectural styles. Some homes are bordered with elaborately decorated wrought iron fences while others have towering pillars reminiscent of a southern plantation mansion.

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