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Beetleborgs - Comic book characters featured on the children's fantasy adventure BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS/SYN/1996-97.


When three average kids enter the haunted Hillhurst house, they accidentally pull on a lever of a pipe organ and unleash a ghost named Flabber (Billy Forester) who grants them each one wish for freeing him.

The kids all choose to become their favorite, comic book heroes, the BeetleBorgs-armored covered freedom fighters. Unfortunately, the same magic that released the BeetleBorgs, also released the evil Vevor and his evil Magnavors from the comic book realm.

Now, our three heroes must use their new super powers to defeat the fiendish Magnavors and blast them back to the comic book world forever and restore peace to their hometown of Charterville.

When the powers of the BeetleBorgs were not enough to overcome the evil Cristaceans, the latest villains to emerge from comic book world, they got new armor, vehicles and weapons and new powers to become BEETLEBORGS METALLIX in 1997.

The BeetleBorgs team included:

  • Jo McCormick (Shannon Chandler/Brittany Konarzewski) as The Red Striker/Platinum Purple whose super power was super strength (activated by popping her knuckles)
  • Drew McCormick (Wesley Barker) as The Blue Stinger/Chromium Gold. Drew's whose super power was the ability to move things with his mind, (activated by nodding his head)
  • Roland (Herbie Baez), Drew's best friend, as the Green Hunter/The Titanium Silver Borg, whose super power was the ability to run extremely fast (activated by snapping his fingers).

Also living in the Hillhurst haunted mansion were the monstrous characters Frankenbeans (David H. Fletcher); Count Fangula (Joe Hackett);  Mums (Blake Torney); and Wolfgang  (Frank Tahoe).

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