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Bert ConvyWin, Lose or Draw - The game show WIN, LOSE OR DRAW/SYN/1987-90 pit celebrity and audience members in a challenge to draw pictures to communicate an idea (get partner to say a certain word from the drawing made on a large sketch pad). Produced by Burt Reynolds and Bert Convy the program's hosts included Bert Convy, Robb Weller and Vicki Lawrence. Other programs using art as a theme included:
  • DRAW ME A LAUGH/ABC/1949 - cartoonist Mel Casson draw cartoons from an idea submitted by a home viewer.

  • DRAW TO WIN/CBS/1952 - four panelist try to identify names and objects from a cartoon sketch.

  • QUICK ON THE DRAW/DUM/1952 - celebrity panelists draw pictures to help create the word of a pun.

  • DROODLES/NBC/1954 - celebrity panel attempt to identify a droodle drawn by Roger Price.

  • DOTTO/NBC/1958 - two contestants try to connect dots to a famous face by answering questions.

  • CAMOUFLAGE/ABC/1961/SYN/1980 - two players try to trace the outlines of a specific item contained in a cartoon drawing concealed by camouflaged overlays.

  • PICTURE THIS/CBS/1963 - celebrity guests and studio contestants draw clues to identify a phrase.

  • PICTIONARY/SYN/1997 - hosted by Alan Thicke, the show was based on the Hasbro board game of the same name. It pit teams of celebrities and guests against each other in an attempt to identify a secret word. The word could only be communicated via quickly drawn sketches and squiggles (within 60 seconds) onto a large paper surface.

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