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Colonel Potter's Paintings - On the military comedy M*A*S*H Harry Morgan played career US Army soldier and former cavalry officer Colonel Sherman T. Potter.

Harry Morgan as Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H

To pass the time, Sherman enjoyed painting on canvas. During his stay with the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, he painted a number of masterpieces. They included:

  • A portrait of Major Charles E. Winchester and Father Mulcahy,
  • A group shot of Klinger, Father Mulcahy, BJ, Hawkeye, Major Margaret Houlihan, and Charles (a birthday present sent to Mildred, Potter's wife),
  • A portrait of Klinger posing as a Greek athlete;
  • A painting of Hawkeye sitting back in a chair with feet propped on a desk and drink in hand;
  • A painting of Radar O’Reilly with a mailbag draped over his shoulder;
  • A painting of Colonel Potter on his horse Sophie [he painted his face over Klinger who actually posed for the picture];
  • An oversized close up shot of Colonel Potter’s thumb;
  • A painting of Hawkeye in front of a tower constructed of tongue depressors.

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