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Winky Dink & Me -  Children's program with a art theme who used the help of the viewing audience to accomplish his tasks on WINKY DINK AND  YOU/CBS/1953-57. Hosted by Jack Barry, this 30-minute kids show starred the adventures of a wide-eyed animated character Winky Dink and his dog Woofer. The program's uniqueness lay in the "Winky Dink Magic TV Kit" (sold for 50 cents) which consisted of a transparent sheet placed over the TV screen.

When the action in the storyline required it, the children were asked to draw in an object on the TV screen to help Winky Dink. If he came to a river, the kids would draw a bridge, If he needed to climb up a tree, they would draw a ladder. Get the picture?

Many children watching the program simply placed a piece of plastic wrap over the TV screen and scribbled in the needed items with a crayon. No matter what method they used, Winky Dink always seemed to get what he needed to get out of his predicaments.

In retrospect, compared to today's sophisticated interactive computer games, this TV show  may seem extremely primitive, but to the children of the baby boom generation, it was sheer magic. 

Decca, K-144: Winky Dink and You, Jack Barry; from the TV show, 1954 Winky Dink Drawing Kit

Decca Record and a Winky Dink Drawing Kit

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