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Celebrity Tattoos at a Glance

Celebrity  Tattoo & Location on Body
Christina Applegate (Actress) Green vine with leaves encircling her right ankle  /span>
Anderson, Gillian (Actress) Turtle shell tattoo on her ankle
Pearl Bailey (Singer)  Heart on her thigh 
Orson Bean (Actor/comedian)  Rose on his wrist 
Glen Campbell (Singer) Dagger on his arm
Holly Marie Combs (Actress) 1 rose on shoulder; 2 roses on wrists
Tony Danza (Actor) Striding man with logo "Keep on Truckin" 
Johnny Depp (Actor)  The words "Winona Forever" - dedicated to former girlfriend Winona Ryder - on his right shoulder
Portia De Rossi (Actress)  Thin dark line encircling the middle finger of her right hand
Shannen Doherty (Actress) Cross on ankle
Whoopi Goldberg (Comedian) Cartoon bird "Woodstock" on her left breast 
Lorenzo Lamas (Actor)  Harley Davidson corporate logo on right shoulder and Pegasus on rear shoulder blade 
Robe Lowe (Actor) Small heart on left shoulder
Alyssa Milano (Actress) Fairy kneeling in grass on her hip; Rosary beads on back - right shoulder blade; Sacred Heart on buttocks
Angel on left ankle;
Garland of flowers encircling her right ankle;
Ohm, a Hindu symbol of the 'Beginning and End' on inside of left wrist.
Ricci, Christina (Actress) Lion on shoulder; Bat on her bikini line; Bouquet of Sweet Peas on her lower back
The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson (Wrestler, Actor) Brahma Bull head on his upper-right arm/shoulder
Flip Wilson (Comedian)  The number 13 with wings and a cross on his upper forearm.   


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