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TV Character Tattoos

Chakotay - Star Trek VoyagerChakotay - First officer Chakotay (Robert Beltran) on the sci-fi series STAR TREK: VOYAGER/UPN/1995 sported a triangular shaped tattoo over his left eye. He wore the tattoo to honor his father, who wore the same tattoo design to honor his ancestors, The Rubber Tree People of Central America. Chakotay was inspired to get his tattoo when his father was killed by the Cardassians.

The episode entitled "Tattoo" explained the story behind the tattoo. It began with Chakotay surveying a rocky moon for a substance called polytheranide. There, he discovered a rock with an ancient Indian spiral-like rune carved into it. Chakotay recognized the marking as a healing symbol that his ancestors called a 'blessing to the land'.

The episode also revealed that 45,000 year ago, an alien race referred to as the Sky People, visited a nomadic Eskimo tribe on Earth and influenced their development. The tribe eventually migrated to the rain forest and became The Rubber Tree People.

In honor of their outer space benefactors, the Rubber Tree People adopted the Sky People's triangular tattoo as a tribal symbol. From time to time the Sky People revisited Earth to see how the Indian tribe was progressing.

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