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Wonderbug -  A mish-mash of metal parts from wrecked cars comprised the body of WONDERBUG as it appeared on segments of THE KROFFT SUPERSHOW/ABC/1976-78.


When Susan and two other teenage friends, Barry and C.C. placed a magical horn onto their salvaged automobile (which they had nicknamed the "Schlepcar"), it miraculously transformed the dilapidated pile of junk into a magical dune buggy called "Wonderbug."

Now capable of performing fantastic feats (like talking and flying), Wonderbug battled crime.

Theme Song Lyrics

Sittin' in a junkyard, waitin' to be ground up is a pile of cars.
Lookin' for an old car. Found a funny Schlepcar.
Let's make him ours.
Found a magic horn. A new car was born.
The toughest of the toughest, super cars.

Wonderbug, Wonderbug, Wonderbug, Wonderbug
Faster than fast, smarter than smart, Wonderbug

When you hear the horn, help is on the way
So clap your hands, hip hip hooray!
For the Wonderbug, the wonderful Wonderbug!


David Levy as Barry
John Anthony Bailey as C.C.
Carol Anne Seflinger as Susan
Frank Welker as Voice of Wonderbug

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