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Cast of the Rat PatrolRat Patrol - A military division of the Allied Forces based in North African Desert during WWII on the wartime adventure THE RAT PATROL/ABC/1966-68. Outfitted with two machine gun mounted jeeps, their mission was to terrorize and destroy the Nazi desert forces (Afrika Korps) led by German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (a.k.a. "The Desert Rat"). US Army Sergeant Sam Troy (Christopher George) commanded this elite group of three Americans and one Englishman.

The Rat Patrol group included Jack Moffitt (Gary Raymond), the British demolitions expert; and Americans Mark Hitchcock (Lawrence Casey), a young private ["The Kid"] with a lot to learn about fighting; and Private Tully Pettigrew (Justin Tarr), a charming con artist with a Southern accent. The Rat Patrol's nemesis was Hauptman (Captain) Hans Dietrich.

The Rat Patrol was based on the real-life exploits of the WWII British armored car outfit called "The Long Range Desert Group." The series was filmed on the deserts of Spain.

Rat Patrol in Battle
The Rat Patrol Engage the Enemy

Rat Patrol Comic

Rat Patrol Comic

Rat Patrol Comic Book Covers

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