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Rockford's FirebirdRockford's Firebird - On the popular detective series THE ROCKFORD FILES/NBC/1974-80. James Garner starred as Jim Rockford, an easy-going but rugged Los Angeles-based ex-con turned private eye. Jim lived in a mobile home park on the beach and traveled about the southland in a gold Firebird Esprit [models 1975-1978]. Its license read: 853-OKG. When someone needed to hire Jim they contacted him by telephone [213-555-2368] and left a message on his answering machine. When Jim got the chance, he hopped into his Firebird and started working the case.

James Garner stand next to his TV Firebird
James Garner with his Pontiac Firebird

TRIVIA NOTE: According to James Garner, the license plate number (853-OKG) on Jim Rockford's Firebird was thought up by his agent. It represents August of 1953 when James Garner got his first acting role and the OKG comes from his home state of Oklahoma and the first letter of his last name!

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