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Advertising Awards

Clio Award Clio Awards - The official award of the American TV and Radio Commercial Festival Group for the best American made radio and TV advertisements. Founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence in advertising, the first national Clio Awards were presented in 1960 (international awards since 1966). Winners are chosen by a panel of 450 advertising professionals from around the globe. The awards come in three levels of excellence:  Gold, Silver and Bronze.

In 1991, the news headlines read: "The Collapse of Clio Snafus and Intrigue Make A Mockery Of Our Industry's Most Prestigious Award." It seemed that members of the Clio awards were implicated in financial and drug problems. In May of 1991, 11 of the CLIO staff quit after a month of payless paydays. Several months later, however, a group of investors headed by Chicago publisher Ruth Ratny attempted to reorganize the CLIO fiasco and set the awards program back on its feet.

TRIVIA NOTE: In Greek Mythology, Clio, the patron goddess of History, was one of the nine patron goddesses of the arts and daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. 

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