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Media Access AwardMedia Access Awards - Presented to entertainment companies, productions, and individuals who contribute to the realistic portrayal and employment of people with disabilities in film, television and theater. Founded in 1978, the Media Access Awards are sponsored through the California Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities who celebrate disabilities in the entertainment industry. The award is a clear glass triangle with embossed letters and the image of the California state seal.

Recipients are honored for their efforts in promoting:  Awareness of the Disability Experience, Accurate Character Portrayals, Innovative Themes, Accessibility, Increased Employment in the Industry, Non-traditional Casting, and Depiction of the Diverse American Scene.

"What the Media Access Office is doing is
remarkable. Using actors without disabilities
to play characters with disabilities we hope
will soon be as unacceptable in Hollywood as
suggesting white actors in blackface play
African-American characters."

  -- John Wells, President, WGAw

Honorary awards include the Governor's Award for Excellence, the Michael Landon Award; Screen Actor Guild * Harold Russell Award; AFTRA Disability Awareness Award; Writers Guild of America west * Joan Young Memorial Award; Casting Society of American Award; Producers Guild Award; Media Access Office Award of Merit; and the Media Products Award.

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