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Bart the BearBart the Bear - Kodiak brown bear featured in a number of movies and seen on television from time to time (including appearances as a bear cub on GRIZZLY ADAMS/NBC/1977-78). Trained by Doug and Lynne Seus, Bart the bear stood 9 and 1/2 feet tall and weighed 1,500 pounds. He was adopted from the Baltimore Zoo when he was only five pounds and taken to a wildlife ranch near Heber City, Utah near Salt Lake City.

Called "the John Wayne of bear actors," Bart debuted in the movie Windwalker (1980) and later appeared in Clan of the Cave Bear (1986) with Daryl Hannah; The Great Outdoors (1988) with John Candy; The Bear (1989) a nature film with with Bart the bear in the lead role; Giant of Thunder Mountain (1990); The Great American West (1991); White Fang (1992); On Deadly Ground (1993); Walking Thunder (1993); Yellowstone (1994); Red River, a French film (1994); The Legends of the Fall (1995) with Brad Pitt; Meet the Deedles (1997); Wild America (1997) with Jonathan Taylor Thomas; and The Edge (1997) with Sir Anthony Hopkins (reportedly Bart was paid $1 million for his work in film).

Bart's TV roles included appearances on The Gambler (CBS TV Movie, 1983); Down the Long Hills (Disney, 1986); Lost in the Barrens (CBS, 1994); Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (1994); Young Riders, "The Decoy" episode (MGM TV, 1995); Lonesome Dove "Deadman's Walk" (ABC TV, 1996); McKenna (CBS, 1996); and Jack Hanna's "Animal Adventures" (1996).

Bart was also a presenter (with trainer Doug Seus) on the Academy Awards in 1998 and the "spokesbear" for both the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University and the Vital Ground Foundation, a conservation group which buys threatened habitat along the Rocky mountain front and on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

 Born in the zoo on January 19, 1977, Bart the bear died of Cancer at the age of 23 on May 10, 2000. He was buried on the Seus' farm. Bart is survived by fellow bears Tank and Bubba. Bart's favorite foods were Pesto, apples, Hawaiian Punch, and carrots.

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