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Addams Family BearSmokey the Bear - The huge brown (and later white) stuffed bear residing in the Addams family museum-like living room on the bizarre sitcom THE ADDAMS FAMILY/ABC/1964-66. For the series pilot shot at MGM, the prop department used a large brown bear. During the second season, the Addams' brown bear was replaced by a taller stuffed Alaskan polar bear (bagged by a multimillionaire big game hunter) that was found in storage in Seattle.

The first season "brown" bear was owned by MGM, who refused to sell it to The Addams Family production (MGM owned the set as well).

On episode No. 62 "The Addams Policy" (3-25-66) Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan) accidentally incinerated Smokey with a flame thrower. This forced Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones) to file a claim with her insurance company for compensation.

This same storyline was redone on episode 1.61 - "The Addam's Policy" on THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY/SYN/1998-99. This time Fester accidentally disintegrates the family's upright stuffed Grizzly Bear. They call Mr. Fielding, their insurance agent (seen also in 1.27) to see if he can get them a new bear. The Addams Family also had a polar bear rug which they called "Bruno."

TRIVIA NOTE: Per an E-mail, Smokey the bear is now owned by "Bob" c/o  Bob provided a photo of the polar bear, and with the exception of a couple of replaced claws, Smokey is still in excellent condition.

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