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NoozlesBlinky & Pinky - A pair of cute koala bears from a parallel universe who travel to our world on the children's series NOOZLES/NIK/1988-93. The Noozles tale begins when a 12-year old red-haired girl named Sandy Brown receives a package in the mail from her father, renown archeologist Alexander Brown.

Inside the box, Sandy finds what appears to be a stuffed toy koala bear, but when she affectionately rubs ("noozles") her nose against the koala bear's nose, it comes to life. The koala tells Sandy his name is Blinky.

Soon after, Blinky's sister, Pinky arrives through a portal in time and space to bring her brother back to their home dimension of Koala-Wala Land (a now unfriendly world patrolled by kangaroo cops).

Using Blinky's magic watch that stopped time and Pinky's magic makeup compact (a miniature dimensional transport device), Blinky, Pinky and Sandy had many adventures together in both their world and on earth.

After 65 episodes Sandy finally finds her long lost father who had gotten trapped in Koala-Walla Land's Crystal Palace while on a dig in Australia.

Among the other characters in the series are Sandy's mother, Alex Brown, Franky and Spike, two no-good-nik poachers who wanted to catch and sell Blinky and Pinky for a profit; Osgood, a lizard from Koala-Wala Land, and the High Dingy Doo, the ruler of Koala-Wala Land.

The series was produced by Sban Entertainment, Fuji Eight Co. Ltd., Noozles ran on Nickelodeon from November 1988 to April 1993. It's Asian title is "Fushigi na koala Blinky."

Sandy, Pinky, Blinky & Mrs. Brown

Sandy Noozles Blinky

Sandy holds Pinky & Blinky Sandy noozles Blinky's nose

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