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Bobo in bed with Mr. BurnsBobo the Bear - Childhood teddy bear of Mr. Burns, the evil industrialist on the cartoon comedy THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1989+. Mr. Burns' childhood toy was the focus of an entire episode that parodied the search for "Rosebud" in the classic movie Citizen Kane (1941). When the tattered remains of Bobo the Bear came into the possession of little baby Maggie Simpson, Mr Burns negotiated with her father Homer to get the bear back. Homer quickly said "one million dollars and three Hawaiian Islands." Mr. Burns accepted the offer, but Homer declined after he saw how much Maggie loved the doll.

In retaliation, Mr. Burns blocked transmission of local TV channels (78 of them) and diverted all beer trucks away from town. He then told the citizens of Springfield if they had any problems with the situation, they should take it up with Homer. A mob then broke into the Simpson house and took the doll from the tiny hands of Maggie Simpson. But Maggie's apparent love for her doll melted the hearts of the mob and they gave it back to her.

Finally, after a failed negotiation in Maggie's backyard sandbox, Mr. Burns admitted defeat but not before advising Maggie, "Hang onto that bear. Don't make the same mistake I made." At that Maggie gave Bobo back to Mr. Burns.

Mr. Burns as a child with Bobo
Mr. Burns as a boy with Bobo

TRIVIA NOTE: Rudy Huxtable (Keshia Knight Pulliam) on the situation comedy THE COSBY SHOWNBC/1984-1992 also had a teddy bear named Bobo.

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