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Star Trek Beverages - On the sci-fi adventure STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69 and its spin-off series a number of alcoholic beverages were mentioned. The following is a list:

Spock drinks Romulan Ale

  • Aldeberan Whiskey (potent green fluid)
  • Aldorian Ale (drink served in Ten Forward Lounge)
  • Arcturian Fizz (a pleasure enhancing drink)
  • Blood Wine (Klingon drink favored by Lt. Worf "I like my blood wine very young and very sweet.")
  • Calaman Sherry (favorite drink of Lt, D'Soro)
  • Chateau Picard (wine produced by Captain Picard's family vineyard on Earth)
  • Chech 'tluth (Klingon alcoholic beverage)
  • Finagle's Folly (Potent beverage made by Dr. McCoy)
  • Gamzain (wine served at Quark's Bar)
  • Kanar (popular Cardassian drink)
  • Maraltian Seev-ale (Drink kept in Quark's private stock)
  • Modela Aperitif (Two-layered drink served at Quark's Bar)
  • Romulan Ale (potent bluish alcoholic drink brewed by Romulan Empire and illegal to possess in the Federation, although the crew of the Enterprise is always able to get a hold of some)
  • Samarian Sunset (Drink prepared by Cmd. Data)
  • Saurian Brandy (a potent liquor enjoyed by Captain Kirk and fellow crew)
  • Stardrifter (exotic drink served at Quark's Bar)
  • Synthale (Bajoran drink served at Quark's Bar)
  • Synthehol (Ferengi alcohol substance)
  • Tamarian Frost (Sweet drink sold in Ten-Forward Lounge)
  • Telluridian Synthale (drink favored on Turkana IV)
  • Trixian Bubble Juice (drink served at Quark's Bar)
  • Tzartak Aperitif (Drink served by Guinan in Ten-Forward Lounge)
  • Warnog (Klingon Ale)

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