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Tennessee TuxedoTennessee Tuxedo - Antarctic penguin on the Saturday morning cartoon TENNESSEE TUXEDO & HIS TALES/CBS/1963-66. Tennessee Tuxedo (voice of Don Adams) lives at Megopolis Zoo with his friend Chumley the Walrus (voice of Bradley Bolke). Tennessee wore a collar, bow tie and hat; Chumley sported a hat and necktie.

Tennessee's nemesis was zoo keeper Stanley Livingston and his dimwitted helper, Flunky. If Tennessee ever needed guidance, the plucky penguin consulted a local scholar named Phineas J. Whoopee.

Theme Song Lyrics

Come on and see see see Tennessee Tuxedo.
See see see Tennessee Tuxedo.
He will be parachuting for you pleasure
Sailing seas in search of treasure.
Anything so he can measure up to men
That’s Tennessee Tuxedo a small penguin
Who tries but can’t succeed-o. Though he may fail
As he vies for fame and glory, still he tries in each new story tale.

Join along with me the club of Tennessee
We’ll try each day through to learn something new
 to better you and me.

Come on and see see see Tennessee Tuxedo.
See see see Tennessee Tuxedo.
Though he may fail as he vies for fame and glory
Still he tries in each new story tale.
That’s Tennessee Tuxedo and his tales.

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