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 Blood Types at a Glance

Blood Type

Person / Status



B.A.Baracus / Vietnam Vet A-Team


Howling Mad Murdock / Vietnam Vet A-Team
AB Negative Barbara Gordon / Batgirl Adventures of Batman & Robin: Batman & Mr. Freeze ("Subzero" Movie)


Mickey Campbell / Baby Baby, I'm Back!


Karen Colosky / Prostitute China Beach


Sophie Martineck / Musician Dracula: The Series

R (for Royal)

Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. / Rich Kid  Dobie Gillis
AB Negative Dr. Natalie Lambert / Coroner Forever Knight
B-Negative Fred Johnson / One-Armed Killer The Fugitive
Green Corpuscles Jeannie / Genie I Dream of Jeannie


Peggy Hill / Housewife    King of the Hill

O (Special)

Ben Richards / Race Drive The Immortal


Louise Jefferson / Wife The Jeffersons


Maya Gallo / Magazine Journalist Just Shoot Me
AB Negative Lt. Lennie Briscoe/Police Detective Law & Order
B Positive or
AB Negative
Maxwell Klinger / Corporal M*A*S*H


Joe Mannix / Private Eye Mannix


Stephanie Vanderkellen / Maid  Newhart


Darryl No. 1 / Back Woodsman  Newhart

A+ Positive

Bobby Mann / Police Detective Mann & Machine
AB Negative Jarod / Genius Pretender Pretender

Double O-Negative

Bart Simpson / Bratty Kid  The Simpsons

A- Positive

Homer Simpson / Safety Inspector The Simpsons
AB Negative Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman South Park
T-Negative Sarek / Spock's Father  Star Trek
AB-Negative Grace Adler / Interior Designer Will and Grace

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