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The Fortuna II - A floating casino ship on the adventure MR. LUCKY/CBS/1959-60.

Mr. Lucky with his gambling yacht, the Fortuna

The Fortuna II (ID #27533) was a posh gambling yacht owned by the congenial but experienced gambler, Joe Adams, aka "Mr. Lucky" (John Vivyan).

Additional crew included Andamo (Ross Martin), a close friend of Mr. Lucky and onboard Maitre d' played by Joe Scott.

Because California state law prohibited gambling, the Fortuna II wisely moored itself offshore in international waters, just outside the twelve-mile legal limit of the United States.

Originally, Mr Lucky owned the Joba Lobo Gambling Club and a pleasure yacht christened The Fortuna (that later sank) which he used to smuggle guns in Latin America. When Lucky unwillingly got mixed up in the assassination of El Presidente, he and Andamo fled to the safety of America.

Using borrowed money, Mr. Lucky wins a fortune at gambling and buys a yacht (from con-man Julius Shank) which he calls The Fortuna II. Later in the series, the gambling ship converted to a supper club when TV viewer groups put pressure on the show's sponsors.

The program was based on the motion picture Mr Lucky (1943) starring Cary Grant as a gambler named Joe Adams aka Joe Bascopolous.

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