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The Leakin' LenaThe Leakin' Lena  - Sail boat featured on the cartoon BEANY & CECIL/ABC/1962-64 (a spin-off of the 1950s puppet series TIME FOR BEANY/SYN/1950-55, a 15-minute show produced by Bob Clampett). The Leakin' Lena was skippered by Captain Horatio Huffenpuff, a sea-going blowhard. His crew included  a small boy named Beany (voice of Daws Butler), Cecil (voice of Stan Freberg), a green "seasick" sea serpent who sailed the seven seas with Beany; and Crowy, a black crow navigator who lived in the ship's crow's nest.

The animated series BEANY & CECIL (first called Matty’s Funday Funnies) continued their adventures and interaction with the Dishonest John (Stan Freberg), the program's chief villain who had a sneering "Nya ha ha!" laugh. As always, when Beany was in trouble Cecil rushed to his rescue and shouted his signature catchphrase "I'm coming Beany-boy!" A short-lived revival of the series aired in 1988. See also - "Time for Beany"

Leakin' Lena
Huffenpuff and Beany

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