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Lonesome Dove - Western chronicles of Newt Call, the son of Texas Ranger, Woodrow Call, whose fictional tales were feaured on the western adventure LONESOME DOVE: THE SERIES/SYN/1994-95 and LONESOME DOVE: THE OUTLAW YEARS/SYN/1995-96.

Lonesome Dove: Tales of the Plains

Each episode begins with a scene set in 1925, as an elderly Newt Call (Scott Bairstow) takes a leather-bound book entitled "Lonesome Dove: Tales of the Plains" from a shelf, opens the book, and starts to reminisce about his early days in the town of Curtis Wells.

"It would surely confound them that knew me as a young fellow to learn that I'd ever made a dollar as a book writer. And nobody's more surprised than myself. See, folks just assumed I could scarcely read and write back then. I was so busy soaking it all up, I'm sure they took me for shy or plain dumb. Truth be told, it was a bit of both. My father, Texas Ranger Captain Woodrow Call had give me a good horse by the time he finally owned up to being my Pa. He gave me his name and I rode off from him to make good of it. I wanted my own dream. I just didn't know right off what that was." -- Narration from first episode

The program was based in part on the characters created by author Larry McMurtry from his novel "Lonesome Dove" and the 1989 miniseries Lonesome Dove starring Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow Call and Rick Schroder as Newt Dobbs, Woodrow's son and Return to Lonesome Dove starring Jon Voight as Woodrow F. Call. 


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