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Jon Sable - - Successful children's book author on the adventure SABLE/ABC/1987-88. Jon Sable penned "The Friends of B.B. Flemm," a best-selling series of children's books. He also created the daily comic strip Jon Sable, Freelance.

Cast of SABLE - Ken Page, Lewis Van Bergen, Rene Russo
Cast of 'Sable"

In reality, Jon Sable was the alias of Nicholas Flemming (Lewis Van Bergen), a wanted man who killed the murderers of his wife and children in Africa and then reestablished a new life and identity in the Windy City (Chicago, IL). By day, he was a popular children's author; by night an avenging vigilante.

When Sable needed help, he used Joseph "Cheesecake" Tyson (Ken Page), a black and blind computer whiz for his information source. Sable sent a cheesecake (strawberry) to Tyson in payment for his services. The inside flap of the cake box contained messages in braille.

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