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The Professor's Island Diary - When science teacher Roy Hinkley (Russell Johnson) set sail on a three-hour charter boat tour on the situation comedy  GILLIGAN'S ISLAND/CBS/1964-67 he was just beginning to work on his next book "Fun With Ferns." But when the S.S. Minnow shipwrecked on a deserted tropic island he began instead to keep a diary of his experiences.

Russel Johnson aka, The Professor

When First Mate Gilligan (Bob Denver) asked the Professor (Hinkley's nickname) what he was doing he said "I'm making notes for a book. It's to be a chronicle of our adventures on the island...I think it's a book people will buy, don't' you?" Gilligan enthusiastically replied "Sure, I'll buy one. I'm dying to find out what happens to us." (From episode No. 2 "Home Sweet Hut.")

Other texts in the Professor's library included "World of Facts"; "Integrated Calculus" by Zimmerman; "The History of Tree Surgery"; and "Rust-The Real Red Menace" (a book he hoped to write).

TRIVIA NOTE: In a 1992 comic strip "The New Breed" by Chris Ramras, the Professor is seen writing in his secret diary. "This place is an island paradise! TWO gorgeous women...and I'm the local stud!...The others actually believe I can build a radio, generator, housing but not a boat!...Losers!"

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