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Robin's Diary - Romantic chronicles written by Judith Pinsker and based on the story by Claire Labine as seen on the ABC soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL.


"Robin's Diary" (Daytime Press, 1995) began on January 23, 1994 when teenager Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), a hard working A-student met a rude, arrogant high school drop out named Michael Cates (Michael Sutton) who called himself "Stone."

In an attempt to figure out her feelings about this seemingly macho bad-boy, Robin recorded her thoughts in a diary. Her diary soon revealed a deep and everlasting bond forming between these two obviously different personalities.

Robin and Stone consummated their love on February 4, 1995 at the Harborside Motel, a motel that travel books referred to as "economy class." But as Robin noted "It was the first time I ever actually felt beautiful."

Within the year more happiness: Stone's inability to excel academically was explained by a diagnosis of dyslexia. Filled with joy, Robin wrote "It's like a new life is beginning for him."

But Stone soon became distant and finally disappeared. When Robin found him, she was caught in the crossfire of bullets. Jumping on Robin to protect her from death, Stone got shot but then, once again, disappeared into the night.

Out of her mind in grief, Robin suddenly flashed on the Harborside Motel, traveled to it and found Stone bleeding to death in the same room they both first made love. There, Stone revealed the reason he ran away. He was diagnosed HIV positive.

Robin quickly arranged for Stone to be hospitalized and from that day forward both were inseparable. Robin later tested HIV negative on May 24, 1995. Unfortunately, on November 29, 1995, Stone died. In the quiet of that last moment, Robin tenderly kissed his eyes closed and said "Good-Bye, my love. God Bless. God Keep."

Portions of the proceeds from the sale of Robin's Diary were donated to AIDS-related organizations.

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