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Dragnet to English Dictionary - Back in the 1950s there was a proliferation of police shows using police codes and jargon to heighten the authenticity of the programs.

Jack Webb - DRAGNET

TV Guide magazine published a spoof (July 3, 1953) of these codes called a "Dragnet-to-English Dictionary" with the caption "Surprise you friends, Understand Jack Webb!"

Jack Webb as police detective Sgt. Joe Friday was famous for such phrases as "My name's Friday... I'm a cop", and "Just the facts, Ma'am." See also - LANGUAGE & PHRASES: "Cop Lingo"

Examples of codes used both on the DRAGNET/NBC/1951-59/1967-70 and ADAM-12/NBC/1968-75 police shows included:

  • Code 3 - Emergency call using siren and red light

  • Code 390 - Drunk

  • Code 415 - Disturbing the Peace

  • Code 459 - Burglary

  • Fish - New man in prison

  • High Power Tank - Heavy bonded prisoner holding cell

  • Small Fry Pushers - Narcotic peddlers

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