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Beaver's Essay -  On the episode "My Most Interesting Character" on the family sitcom LEAVE IT TO BEAVER/CBS/ABC/1957-63, youngster Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver (Jerry Mathers) was given a school assignment to write a 100 word composition. The theme was "The Most Interesting Character I Have Known.." After some thinking, Beaver decided to write about his father, Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont). The composition's first draft read as follows:

The Most Interesting Character I Have Ever Known. by Theodore Cleaver

The most interesting character I have ever known is my father, Mr. Ward Cleaver. My father was born right here in this town and still lives in it. He has a very interesting job. He goes to the office everyday except Saturday, Sunday and Christmas and Thanksgiving and all the other holidays. He is also married to my mother. He has two son me and Wally. The interesting things he did today was put on a screen, he also took the care to new fan belt which was loose, He can fix things and take a pill without water.

Upon hearing Beaver's composition, his brother Wally Cleaver (Tony Dow) told him it sounded dumb. Beaver replied "I didn't write it dumb it just came out dumb."  Beaver then asked Wally to help him with his assignment. This is Wally's contribution:

"The most interesting character I have ever known is my father, Mr. Ward Cleaver. He was born at the mouth of the Amazon. Which is a river. And when he was a baby he was stolen out of his crib by a crocodile but in the knick of time, he was saved by a friendly head hunter with a blow gun. During the war he was a secret general where he had many interesting experiences. Now he has a job in an office but he really works for the FBI. On Sunday he goes to the beach and saves a lot of people from drowning."

Beaver eventually realized that he couldn't use Wally's made-up story and finally with some advice from his mother, June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley), Beaver came up with this final revision.

The most interesting character I have ever known is my father, Mr. Ward Beaver. He does not have an interesting job, he just works hard and takes care of all of us. He never shot things in Africa or not saved anybody that was drowning, but that's all right with me, because when I'm sick he brings me ice cream and when I tell him things or asks things he always listens to me. And he would use up a whole Saturday to make junk with me in the garage. He may not be interesting to you or someone else, because he's not your father, just mine.

After his father read the composition Beaver said  "I don't know if it sounds so good, Dad but it sure made me feel good when I was writing it." Smiling, his father told him "I'm glad it did, Beaver. Made me feel pretty good to read it, too."

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