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Felix the CatFelix the Cat - Called Felix (for "felicity") this black cat had more than nine lives worth of luck. Whenever Felix the Cat got into trouble (or fix) he reached into his carpetbagger-style Bag of Tricks or used his magical tail which changed into assorted objects to help him out of a jam. Felix the Cat was first introduced in Feline Follies (1919), produced for Paramount by Pat Sullivan (born 1888 died 2/5/63), an Australian cartoonist who came to the United States in 1914. The spunky cartoon character (initially inspired by "The Cat That Walked By Itself" from the "Just So Stories" (1902) by Rudyard Kipling) later inspired the popular song "Felix Kept Walking" (1925).

Felix the Cat was the first picture and animal character to be televised. In 1930, a papier-mâché statue of this popular feline rotated on a turnstile as a focal point for an experimental NBC-RCA camera reception tests which picked-up the reflections on a battery of photo-electric cells and sent a video likeness of Felix from a studio in Manhattan to Kansas. Due to constant re-patching and re-painting of the statue Felix was retired in favor of Mickey Mouse.

The Felix the Cat character was revived by Joe Oriolo, who created new color episodes produced for television. from 1958-1960. The new Felix encountered such villains as the Abominable Snowman, General Clang, the Leprechaun, Martin the Martian, The Professor and his assistant Rock Bottom, Redbeard the Pirate and the Sea Monster. He was assisted by Poindexter, the Professor's nephew. Felix later surfaced on the half-hour Saturday morning animated series THE TWISTED TALES OF FELIX THE CAT/CBS/1995-96.

The book "Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat" by John Casemaker (Pantheon Books, 1991) revealed Felix was actually conceived in 1919 by animator Otto Messmer, a "neurotically reticent man" who allowed himself to be ripped off by Pat Sullivan who took full credit from the self-effacing creator. Messmer originally developed Felix for Paramount's Screen Magazine, a weekly one-reel cartoon package. He died in 1983.

TRIVIA NOTE: Paramount producer John King gave Felix his name. Felix the Cat was the lucky 1922 mascot for the New York Yankees; a Felix doll flew with aviator Charles Lindbergh on his flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927; and Felix is the name of a popular pet food in Great Britain.

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Felix the Cat
The wonderful, wonderful cat
Whenever he gets in a fix
He reaches into his bag of tricks
Felix the cat
The wonderful, wonderful cat
You'll laugh so hard your sides will ache
Your heart will go pitter pat
Watching Felix, the wonderful cat

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