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Snowball the CatSnowball - The name of the family cat on the cartoon sitcom THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1989+. Snowball I, was run over by a car and soon replaced by a black cat called Snowball II. On the dedication page of Bart Simpson's Guide to Life (HarperPerennial, 1993), the following message appeared: "Dedicated to the memory of Snowball I: Whenever we hear a cat howling at 3:00 A.M., whenever we slip on a slimy hairball, whenever we inhale the tart aroma of a neglected cat box, we think of you." Above this message was a picture of Snowball I sporting a halo, a pair of angel wings and tire treads across its body. On the TV series, after Snowball I was killed in the automobile accident Lisa wrote the following poem:

Meditations on Turning Eight
by Lisa Simpson

I had a cat named Snowball
She died! She died!
Mom said she was sleeping
She lied! She lied!
Why oh why is my cat dead?
Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead?

Snowball 1 in Cat Heaven

Over the life of the series, Lisa has had a succession of cats mostly named Snowball. They included Snowball II (hit by a Mercedes-Benz driven by Dr. Julius Hibert); Snowball III (drown in the aquarium trying to catch fish); Coltrane, her fourth cat (died when it jumped out the window after hearing the squealing sound of Lisa's saxophone); and Snowball V (renamed Snowball II to save on buying a new cat dish). Lisa got Snowball V from a crazy cat lady during the 15th season right after Coltrane passed away.

Note: Snowball II, III and Coltrane all died on episode No. 322 "I, (Do'h!) - bot" aired January 11, 2004. Also, on this episode we learn that Snowball 1 was buried in the Simpson's backyard. To the contrary, on episode No. 64 "Treehouse of Horror III - Dial 'Z' For Zombie," Snowball was buried in the Springfield pet cemetery.

Lisa: I'm keeping you! You're Snowball V. But to save money on a new dish, we'll just call you Snowball II and pretend this whole thing never happened.
Skinner: That's really a cheat, isn't it.
Lisa: I guess you're right, Principal Tanzarian.
Skinner: I'll just be moving along, Lisa... Snowball II.

     -- Episode No. 322 "I, (Do'h!) - bot"

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