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 Cats at a Glance (real, cartoon & puppet)

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Kitty Cat Pet Lion Family pet of Gomez & Morticia Addams The Addams Family
Lucky Brown Cat Tanner Family pet alludes alien Alf who wants to each Lucky ALF
Rita Cartoon Cat Rita is an Animaniac character who "sings a verse" and is "zany to the max." She is the mismatched partner of Runt the dog Animaniacs


Bagpuss Old saggy, baggy cloth cat with red-stripes Bagpuss lived in a little shop owned by a girl named Emily. When she spoke a magic phrase Bagpuss and his toy friends came to life. Bagpuss
Isis Cartoon Black Cat Catwoman's Pet Batman: The Animated Series
Vincent Man/Beast (Lion) Vincent dwells under the City of New York and loves Catherine, an attorney who lives on the surface. Beauty & the Beast
Marmalade Orange Tabby Cat One of Elly Mae Clampett's many animals ("Critters") Beverly Hillbillies
Ling-Ling Siamese Cat Samantha turns a Siamese cat into an exotic model named Ling-Ling (Greta Chi) to help Darrin with his latest ad campaign, but Ling-Ling wants to stay human. (Episode No. 21) Bewitched
Scruffy House Cat Blossom often spoken about family cat Blossom
Jason Seal Point Siamese Cat First cat to appear on popular children's British TV show. Other cats included Willow (Siamese), Jack & Jill (Twin Silver tabbies "The disappearring cats"), and Kare & Oki Blue Peter
Otto House Cat The family cat of Bob McKay whom he hates. Bob
Elsa Wildlife Sanctuary Lioness George & Joy Adamson, game wardens befriend lioness Born Free
Elmira Frontier Cat Bronco Layne's pet Bronco
Fluffy Family Pet The Brady Girls pet cat. (It only appeaered on the first episode) The Brady Bunch
Jenny Cartoon Cat Pilot Jenny (a cat with psychic powers) who aides hero Bucky O'Hare, a green rabbit from the planet Warren Bucky O'Hare & the Toad Wars


Agapito Bi-Lingual Puppet Lion PBS Educational Show Carrascolendas
Salty 9-year-old Himalayan  cat (played by Tiki) trained by Tammy Maples Salty lives with artist Caroline Duffy who draws a comic strip from her New York apartment. Caroline & the City
CatDog Cartoon Cat Feline part of an animal that consists of a cat on one end, and a dog at the other end CatDog
Kitty Jo,  Groove,  Country, and Scoots, Cartoon Hillbilly Rock & Roll band No Owners Cattanooga Cats
OG. Readmore Cartoon Cat Feline host of Children's show with stories CBS  Storybreak
Kit Grey Siamese (later transformed into a human called Katrina) The "familiar" of the Halliwell sisters, a.k.a. "The Charmed Ones" Charmed
Fat Cat Cartoon Cat Crime Boss enemy of the Rescue Rangers. Meeps, an alley cat, is one of Fat Cat's four henchmen. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Nero Circus Lion Burke & Walsh Circus Circus Boy
Courageous Cat Black & White Cartoon  Crime fighter Based in Empire City Courageous Cat


Clarence Cross-eyed Lion Dr. Marsh Tracy Daktari
Mr. Diefenthaler House Cat Pet of Sally Rogers Dick Van Dyke Show
Mr. Henderson House Cat Pet of Sally Rogers Dick Van Dyke Show
Doraemon Cartoon Robot Cat Doreamon is a cat-like robot from the 22nd century who is the friend of a trouble- prone boy named Nobita Nobi Doreamon
Dreyfus Lion Corporate Mascot Dreyfus Fund Dreyfus Commercials
Sebastian Purple Puppet Cat Mean Puppet cat acquaintance of Dumbo the elephant on this Disney live-action series Dumbo's Circus


Carl Orange Tabby Gary Dobson Early Edition
Evil the Cat Cartoon Cat Villainous feline enemy of hero Earthworm Jim. Born with no heart, Evil the Cat is the ruler of the prison-planet Heck. # 4 was a henchcat Earthworm Jim
Eek! the Cat Purple Cartoon Cat Lives in the town of McTropolis with human family Eek! the Cat
Tondelayo Invisible Cat Invisible Cat who was visible to everybody on the CBS morning show Ernie Kovacs Show
Esso Tiger Tiger Corporate Mascot Esso/Exxon Esso Commercials
Pagan Black Cartoon Cat
(part Russian Blue)
Pagan is pet of Kylie Griffin, the 17-year-old leader of the Extreme Ghostbusters Extreme Ghostbusters


Gimmel Silver Persian Cat Corporate mascot for Fancy Feast Cat Food Fancy Feast Cat Food Commercials
Felix the Cat Black Cartoon Cat Felix carries a magical bag of tricks. On The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, Felix is madly in love with a movie actress named Nataska Slinky. Rosco is Felix's dumb friend Felix the Cat and 
The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat
Mr. Chubbikins Brown Cartoon Cat Chubby family pet of Freakazoid, a blue-faced lunatic superhero Freakazoid
Smelly Cat Alley Cat Smelly Cat inspired Phoebe Buffay's hit song "Smelly Cat" Friends
Koolio Stray Cat Phoebe thought the cat was the reincarnated soul of her mother Friends
Boo Cartoon Cat Ghostly feline companion of the Funky Phantom Funky Phantom


Garfield Orange Cartoon Cat with black strips on back Lives with Jon Arbuckle. Fluffy is Garfield's cat friend. Garfield & Friends (Here Comes Garfield)
Cagney Cartoon Cat Eliza Maza's pet cat Gargoyles
Blondie Lion Charles E. Hipp Garry Moore Show


Heathcliff Orange Cartoon Cat Lives with Nutmeg Family. Heathcliff's cat friends include Sonia and Riff Raff Heathcliff & Dingbat / Heathcliff & Marmaduke
Cadillac Cats (Hector, Wordsworth, Mungo) Cartoon Cats Cat who are get-rich- quick schemers Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats
Hello Kitty White Cartoon Cat Hello Kitty matches wits with villain Catnip Hello Kitty's Furry tale Theater
Henry the Cat Light Brown Cartoon Cat Daydreaming cat who had adventures with his other animal friends Henry's Cat
Katnip Brown Cartoon Cat Katnip the Cat chased Herman the Mouse in this Famous Studios (Paramount Pictures) rip off of MGM's "Tom & Jerry"). Originally released to the theaters in 1947. Herman & Katnip
Bruce Ocelot Pet of female detective Honey West Honey West
Houndcats (Dingdog,  Puttypuss, Mussell Mutt, Stutz & Rhubarb) Cartoon Cats Government Agents in the Wild West Houndcats
Mr. Jinx Cartoon Cat Mr. Jinx's catchphrase is "I hate meeces to pieces" The Huckleberry Hound Show




Sebastian Black Cartoon Cat Sebastian is the pet of Alexandra, a human rock musician who plays for the band "Josie & the  Pussycats" Josie & the Pussycats
Shire Khan Cartoon Tiger Youthful adventures Jungle Cubs
Spartacus White House Cat Dennis Finch Just Shoot Me!


Tony the Tiger Corporate Mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Kellogg's Cereal Kellogg's Commercials
Kimba Cartoon Lion Jungle adventures of Kimba Kimba, the White Lion
King Leonardo Cartoon Lion King of Bongo Congo King Leonardo & His Short Subjects
Krazy Kat Cartoon Cat Zany cat in love with a brick-tossing mouse named Ignatz Krazy Kat

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